Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Cory Kuklick

I’m not here to defend all liberal pundits. There’s lots of horrible and craven journalism going on, a lot of it centered around Trump’s stupid tweets. But, dare I say that maybe your headline and rhetoric is as overheated as Maddow’s coverage of the tax returns was? Yes, that show was mostly an inflated play for ratings with little in the way of real news. But it can be true that Maddow does such things from time to time AND that she also covers all the things you imply she’s not covering. It can be true that she’s frequently doing some smart and in-depth journalism (and conspicuously NOT hyperventilating at each tweet, like too many of her peers) and occasionally resorting to a stunt that is more fluff than substance. This article feels somewhat over-hyped and click-bait-esque, in a way that’s not dissimilar from the type of distraction-based news coverage that the article itself is criticizing.

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