Mentors: How to find them

Do Stuff. Show the world that you are action oriented, observant, and opportunistic in a smart, measured way.

Be a Show Off. No, your work does not speak for itself. And if it did it probably would be pretty inarticulate. We want to be inspired and learn from you. How can we appreciate what you’ve done and how you’ve done it, if we don’t know about it?

Be Kind. Don’t Do Stuff or Show Off at the expense of others.

Be Humble and Curious. We want to see that you are eager to learn from others and from life. We need to know that you are more interested in learning than in being validated.

Be Fun. When you’re showing off, do it with a sense of humor and celebrate those around you. Be generous, spread the credit. Show us that you know how to work well with others.

Be Passionate. When you Do Stuff, and Show Off, make sure we know you’re not a dilettante. If we are going to invest in you, we need to know that your action is the fruit of a passion that’s been cooking for years.

You don’t find them, they find you

The mentor you want is already insanely busy and over-extended. They are smart, deliberate, and see their time as precious. You have to get inside their ROI if you expect them to drop something important and give you time and mind share.

When I accept a request to coach/mentor, I think about the positive impact on the world, what I’m going to learn, and if I’m going to have fun. I’m not looking for compliments or appreciation. I’m looking for an Observant, Kind, Accomplished, Action Oriented individual who plays well with others.

Please offer me a compelling ROI, or I’ll take a pass.