When Failure Happens

Thanks for taking the time to be with me on this journey. Its Day 5 and we are progressing in the same line of thought we started on Day 1. The goal of these articles is equipping you with the needed tools to achieve success in whatever field of life you chose. The fact remains that success is PREDICTABLE and once we follow the laid down principles sooner than later we achieve our God given potential

Here’s a quote by Samantha Bee to get us started.

“Part of being a performer is that failure becomes a part of your daily life”

I remember working on a dream project sometime last year. It was going to be something that had never been attempted at the level I chose in this part of the world. I was ecstatic, full of passion and drive as always. But first I needed a strong team to get this done, I needed resources, finance, connections and much more to pull this through. I assembled a team of talented consultants, each a master in their own field. I invested time, money and definitely emotional energy into this venture. Despite being a rookie and having no idea how these things are done I forged ahead with PASSION. My vision was clear, my determination was unflinching, this would be an industry game changer, I was ready to take on the world and triumph


Life would happen. My consultants were excellent as individuals but not as a team, that’s money lost right there. The time spent on the back and forth: that’s time lost right there. Now I needed a new team altogether to start all over again with less time; that’s real emotional and more financial trauma right there. Failure stared me in the face but I was not going to let it win. I forged in with my new team, picked an excellent expensive software to help make life easier for us without proper research. And as we forged on. My team worked like Hell but the results we sought weren’t just coming.

The economy had gone into recession. Organizations closed their coffers. Professionals were losing their jobs left, right and center, the country was in panic mode and here we are with a new expensive product nobody wanted. We were losing and losing big time with debt hanging down our necks. We only had four (clients) that patronized us for that product and we had to give the rest out for free.

We FAILED woefully, DID we? Can you identify with this experience of ours? Does this sound familiar? This is a perfect excuse not to get back out there. Self-preservation would kick in. After all, no one would blame you. It was not your fault, you tried your best. The universe would not judge you harshly. REALLY?

What if MICHAEL FARADAY gave up, do you think you would be sitting in that well-lit room right now?

What if the WRIGHT brothers gave up during their quest for humans to take for flight, do you think you would be able to make it from Port Harcourt to LAGOS in 45 Mins or do you think you could enjoy the luxury of the Internet & GPS made possible by flight to space?

What if JESUS gave in to Satan the tempter, do you think we would have a religion called Christianity today?

What if our founding fathers sat back after they first made their intention for independence known and failed do you think we would be free today?

Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Herbert Macaulay, Nelson Mandela, Kind David in the Bible, I could go on and on and on.

What If! What if! What If!

Success is not for the Quitter, but for the Persistent at heart. It’s not how much you know or how much is in your pocket but your staying power when you hit that rough patch that tests your will and determines if truly you would be successful. Your rough patch could come in various forms depending on your goals in Life. For Christians is the lure can SIN, for entrepreneurs it could be the inability to attract clients or funding. Different stroke for different folks

For us after such a great FAILURE we were at loss for what to do next, the well of inspiration seemed to have dried up. Days turned into weeks and yet no insight as to the next step to take. No concrete plans for the turning year. But we knew that giving up was not an option. We set ourselves in the business space and soon the inspirations began to drizzle. We launched a new product within months successfully and strengthened our existing products. However, the failure of the previous year still haunted us. So here we are now staring failure down in the face. We are Re-launching that same product howbeit with a lot of knowledge on how to get it done right and a much-enhanced product. We are sure of success this time.

Dear friend, have you been confronted by failures. Your staying power would determine if you would eventually be a success. Some call it GRIT, some call it PERSISTENCE. Whatever you chose to call it I urge you now, DON’T GIVE UP. Hang in there. There’s light at the end of this tunnel.

Have you encountered failure? Share with us how you failed in the comment section below and the lessons you learned. Your story might just inspire someone

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