Blaming Hillary
Michael Arnovitz

I think that it’s clear that the media machine that have hated the Clintons from the beginning have done the real damage to Bill and Hillary. Imagine 25+ years of constant media criticism and made up scandals. It’s surprising that they are as popular as they are. The country is paying for the beltway media’s complete obsession with faux Clinton scandals for decades. The media has no remorse and no ability to look back and see the damage that they have done to the country with their obsessions.

I also think that Trump’s meltdown and his taking advice from the alt-righters could really demonstrate how low one party can go, percentage-wise. It should be 40–40 (+-) with 20 (+-) up for convincing. But, I think that we’re seeing now that Trump has dropped below 40 in recent polls and it’s not inconceivable that he could drop further (35? 33? 30?!) (And, what happens to Johnson’s numbers if Trump drops that low?!). Hillary’s max seems to be 46 or so. The election will not be close. The House is definitely in play. The Senate is going to be Dem.

I also don’t think that Sanders could do better and might have done worse, once the GOP machine kicked in. He got off pretty easy in the primaries and the GOP wouldn’t be so gentle with him.

Hey, did you notice that Lewinsky wasn’t in Trump’s group of women before debate 2? Why did nobody mention that? That’s a big deal. I’m sure that if he could have bribed her, like he bribed the others, she’d have been there. Shows that she has matured, I think. Good for her!

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