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Men pass in front of a billboard during the Great Depression.

On Thursday, I put together my thoughts in an article about nontrivial, escalating geopolitical tensions which I felt might be going unnoticed due to the pandemic; I also presented my view that a stimulus likely won’t work — in modern times, we’ve never tried to stimulate an economy before on lockdown. I briefly touched on capital preservation strategies I would advise retirees and mentioned a scrappy mindset folks from all walks of life could muster to weather the storm on the horizon.

My thesis about an unsuccessful stimulus is predicated on the view that money can’t travel through the economy with the velocity necessary to be effective in the midst of a four to eight week multinational quarantine and its aftermath. In a post-quarantine world, America’s economy can’t just be switched on like a light. Destroying economic mass due to a catastrophe can happen overnight. Building it back up, however, can take months and years no matter how robust and prolific the spigot of money the government taps. It takes time for the web of goods and services which were stripped to be re-spun, and the jobs which were lost to be recreated. …

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Punishment of the Sons of Corah by Sandro Botticelli

I called a family member in Boston and shared my thoughts on two topics I am deeply concerned about — i. ramping geopolitical tensions which are going unnoticed against the backdrop of the pandemic and ii. my view that any economic stimulus during a prolonged, multinational quarantine is doomed to fail. I told him what I would do if I were in his shoes: a retiree worried about the prospect of losing his savings. Later, our conversation turned to some strategies which might be helpful for folks of every walk of life to consider. I hope this can help.

A Showdown of…

I dropped out of Stanford to co-found ink with Slovenian entrepreneur and technologist Denis Benic. We created the company to be the new face of printing. Like a lot of start-ups before us, we chose our validating market to be higher-ed.

I don’t think Denis and I would have ever told you we envisioned ourselves innovating in the printing space. …

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