A Mystical Tale of Jesus the Anointed One
Joshua Hehe

I live and work around many theologians of many faith traditions. They would take this item down the rabbit hole with a million issues. On the other hand, perhaps not. It’s hard to tell a story historically and didactically when so much of it was not recorded well or without bias, let alone way after the fact. Even just last week I read an article about a dig in Jerusalem that uncovered the remains of the well where he performed healing and was thought only to be conjecture until they dug it up. So it remains, a mystery and a question versus real answers about this man despite the writings of Joseph of Arimathea.

Here is the item if I may, I will draw to your attention. Mary of Magdala. There is no instance of her being a former prostitute. None. The record shows that Jesus and his ministry were supported financially by women and when the woman who anoints his feet at the last supper uses radically expensive balm does so, he praises her, yet Judas ‘at that moment’ decides how he will betray Jesus. In every case where he interacts with women, be it in Samaria or elsewhere, he breaks taboo. What I am asking is that you draw closer to the message. Yes, he was a poilitco, an upstart prophet, dared to touch the unclean, the sick and even bleeding women. It’s not a real wonder why the Jews wanted to sack him. He brought peace and made us all, ‘on the level’. His level. Equals. He was the poster child for gender equality and forgiveness.

Thanks for thinking about it.

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