QC — Quantum Computing Series

Jonathan Hui
Jan 17 · 3 min read
Photo by Fractal Hassan

This series covers the basic of quantum computing. The first 2 articles introduce the basic concept followed by the most popular approaches on how to build it. Then we dig deeper into the quantum operations (gates) — the instruction sets of quantum computing. We will look into its strength but also the weakness — without that, we will likely overhype the topic without a deeper understanding. Next, we start learning some basic quantum algorithms and close it with the Shor’s algorithm — a showcase for the real-life application.

It is a slight detour from what I mainly do professionally but hopes that it shows you some of the leading research areas in computing beyond buzzwords. Have fun!


Realization of a quantum computer

Quantum computing (quantum gates)

Quantum Algorithm

Shor’s Algorithm


Credit and references

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Shor’s Algorithm

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