Hey progressive types, whatchya gonna do now?

Since the election, I’ve seen many who describe themselves as being “left” or “progressive” constantly hyperventilating, running around in circles as if they are chickens with their heads cut off. Many posted on Facebook that they either had, were about to, or felt as if they needed to throw up. Then came announcements of mass defriendings of anyone who voted for Trump, someone many now refer to as tDrumpf, or perhaps, “the Orange Fuckface”. These announced defriendings often extended to those who voted for a third party candidate because those who voted for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein are responsible for the election of you-know-who.

As if their preferred candidate had nothing to do with her loss.

They then turned their bitter rage onto white males as a whole or, more specifically, “stupid uneducated white males” as it gave them a chance to feel morally and intellectually superior to people that frankly, they actually had already felt superior to.

Then it was onto calls for recounts in states where, while the vote was close, it wasn’t quite a close as it had been for previous recounts. The result? Trump’s lead widened. Strike One.

Some tried to almost brag that their preferred candidate got more votes than the victor…the “Orange Fuckface”. But the reality is that the Orange Fuckface is now formulating his cabinet. Their preferred candidate is presumably sending out her Christmas cards. Strike two.

We then saw attacks on the Electoral College — a confusing system for sure — but one that BOTH major candidates were aware of and should have planned their efforts accordingly. Which means you campaign in close states that your local staffers say that they need more resources to reach blue collar voters who had voted for your party’s candidate in the recent past. That’s what you do to win elections. Now we see nationwide efforts to get the Electors to change how they will vote. That’s not gonna work. Strike three.

The frantic are still frantic.

In the meantime, if we look at what happened over the past eight years, we’ll notice that the Democrats have lost complete control of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. We’ll also see that they’ve literally lost THOUSANDS of legislative seats throughout the country. That their opponents, the Republicans, now hold two thirds of the governorship seats, a solid majority of lieutenant governorships, a large majority of state attorneys general offices, seventy percent of the legislative bodies in the stats, while enjoying COMPLETE control of political control in half the states.

That means that these same Republicans will dominate legislatively, enjoy a fundraising advantage, solidify their strength long term by controlling the redistricting process, and develop a “farm team” of younger, experienced legislative leaders who will come to prominence in the 2020’s and 2030's.

All of this happened with a sometimes popular president in office who enjoyed a largely favorable coverage from a mostly, but not fully, friendly media.

Key question for the establishment left and those who found their inner hatred of so many of their fellow citizens: HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? If you actually take the time to answer that, you may find yourself on the road to political recovery. Blaming large segments of the population as being bigots or being “deplorable” won’t do it. Neither will blaming a media outlet named after a small woodland creature.

It’s abundantly clear to this observer that the policies, the rhetoric, the candidates, and the campaigns of one side of the political spectrum is at best, not relevant to a significant amount of the American people, or, at worst, resolutely opposed by a significant amount of the American people.

That last statement, to be honest, could go both ways, but in looking at the numbers across the country…only one side is getting their asses kicked.

So this begs the question…now that the establishment left and the Democrats have now managed to find themselves being politically decimated, legislatively impotent, and utterly rudderless as far as leadership, what SPECIFICALLY do you think that they should do to:

1) put the breaks on the perceived damage that they fear coming from the Trump administration?

2) create effective policies that address the needs of Americans (and not just the people that you care about) in a way that Americans can understand, digest, and thoroughly agree with and support legislatively and WITH THEIR VOTES?

3) end the hemorrhaging of losses by Democratic politicians on the federal, state, and local levels?

4) and rebuild their party in a way that develops broad appeal to more segments of society…in light of the aforementioned built in advantages that the Republicans currently have?

You know…besides barfing and having hissy fits at people who you already feel superior to?

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