Today, I am a proud son

Today, October 11, would have been my father’s 91st birthday.

I couldn’t have asked for a better father. He was warm, loving, encouraging, and very much dedicated to his only child. He served as a great role model for me as I’m a single father.

A few years ago, I was leafing through an old WWII book put out by Time-Life. In it was this photograph of a bunch of GIs playing a card game in a “Quonset Hut” — one of those long half moon shaped lodgings that soldiers live in. The first two things that caught my eye were all the pinups on the wall and the card game itself.

Then I noticed in the caption that the GIs were serving in the Aleutians Islands off Alaska. It caught my attention because that’s where my dad served during the war. I figured that, despite it’s location, there was no way that he’d be in this photography in the book.

I was wrong.

He’s in it. He’s the dark haired young soldier in the lower right hand corner leaning over to watch the game.

I’m a very proud son.

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