University of the People Review: Is It a Good Institution?

I began my studies at University of the People (UoPeople) in 2011. At that time, the University was only 2 years old as it was founded by entrepreneur, Shai Reshef in 2009. So, I have witnessed the achievements that this institution has had in less than 9 years. The most outstanding achievement occurred in 2014 when UoPeople received its accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commision (DEAC). DEAC is authorized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

UoPeople has an office in Pasadena, CA for administrative purposes. In California, this university is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education BPPE. UoPeople’s campus is 100% online, and no doubt, this is a revolution in education. Thanks to this model, UoPeople keeps costs down by asking for minimal processing fees for a one-time admissions fee and exam fees. In the case that a student faces financial troubles, UoPeople offers different scholarships. Moreover, UoPeople has a partnership with organizations with a high worldwide reputation such as Microsoft, HP, New York University, Yale, UC Berkeley and others more.

In 2015, I got my diploma in Business Administration. Since 2016, I started my MBA at UoPeople. What I have to say about this university, is that it is a good one. They implement the peer-to-peer system in where students can provide feedback and build knowledge amongst themselves. Instructors come from the top universities of the world, and the fact that each classroom is composed of 20 students guarantees personal attention by the instructors.

Thanks to UoPeople, I have learned to manage my own business and found a job as a teacher in a public school in Colombia in where I teach economics and politics. Also, I have made friends from different parts of the world. Today, UoPeople has more than 12,000 students from many nationalities. Interacting with students from different backgrounds has opened my mind and no doubt this university helps to promote the peace among the people.

Something that catches my attention about UoPeople is the fact that they care about providing a service with high quality. At the end of each term, they ask students to complete a survey about the University and strive to always make improvements. For that reason, throughout the years, UoPeople constantly enhances their higher educational model with the highest standards. Furthermore, when you enroll in the university they assign you a personal advisor. In my case, my personal advisor provides great help at the time when I decide what course to select and about my future professional plans.

Finally, I would like to invite those that do not have the financial means to afford a higher education to apply to UoPeople. Also, those people (like in my case) that have a busy agenda and cannot attend a physical campus, UoPeople is a good option because you can attend the classes wherever you are and when you want. UoPeople is opening the gates of higher education to anyone that has the will to move forward and build a better future.

Jonathan A. Anaya Martínez

Written by

I enjoy topics related with trading and music

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