I Experimented Facebook and Linkedin for Organic Reach— Here’s What I’ve Got

Jonathan Acabo
Mar 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Here are some best alternative channels to market your content organically without paying any money!

Facebook’s algorithm really sucks. While the other social media apps are trying to seek free alternative ways for their users’ content get seen by as many readers as they can, Facebook on the other hand, is forcing all page owners to pay money.

As a small time content creator whose purpose isn’t for profit, it is not reasonable to boost your post to get seen by your target audience.

Even when you boost it, Facebook has also different algo for boosted posts — I assume. The bigger budget you allocate for that specific post, the more it’ll get seen depending on how many days you run the boost.

Facebook pages isn’t actually a platform to socialize and connect with your customers and target market as it is used to be. It’s a platform for marketers who have twinkling dollars on pockets who can cross thousand oceans to sell.

So, to all small-time yet eager and dedicated marketers here’s some alternative platforms you can try:

1) LINKEDIN — environment is a bit professional than Facebook. People are a bit serious and formal. Here’s a catch: I experimented the same content on Facebook page and Linkedin a few weeks ago. In Facebook the post got 200+ organic reached and 3 engagements. While on Linkedin, it got 8,000+ organic reached and 37 engagements. You the judge.

2) VERO — a new and fresh platform that promised no ads and algorithms. And I believe they are true to what they say. It’s amazing. People are active and engaging.

3) GOOGLE PLUS — though you need to have specific strategy for your content to get seen among the oceans of users, what I love most about G+ is SEO. Search engines can easily track post from G+. Provided you used relevant keywords on your posts.

Those are just a few among many other alternatives you can use to wider your reach on social platforms.

I’ll be listing more in a few days. Stay tuned.

By the way, let’s connect on wherever you’re in. I want to know how you are doing on every platform.

Comment down your specific user handles or search my name (Jonathan Acabo) on all social media platforms you’re into. Let’s connect!

Have a great day, folks!

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