26 Life Changing Thoughts Over 26 Years
Eric S Burdon

Refuse to listen to anyone who tells you “you should…”

I began avoiding that combination of words a while ago and when people are using those particular words, don’t listen to them. Again, they don’t know you fully if they have to use those words to give you advice.

Well, I think it depends on who’s talking or who’s telling you that. If that person is credible on what ‘you should’ do… then I believe we should not refuse them unless you know them who they are.

I understand that this statement is so deep on another level but literally speaking, we can tell ourselves when to believe on people’s talking and when to not.

Anyway, Sir Eric, this piece is so comprehensive. I love how you detailed it. Indeed, a good read to call it a day (for me). Thanks for the valuable insights you’ve compiled here. Cheers…