grew up in a college town. Columbus, Ohio. Places like Comet Pizza are in every city in America. These places help define my prospective as a youth. They are coffee houses playing edgy music. They are bookstores with thought provoking art on the walls. They are comic-books stores with alternative comics lining a back hall that seems like a pathway to the dumpster — but where all the cool customers seem to be. These place are burrito places with poor to average burritos that are packed with people in horn-rimmed glasses who just sort of feel extra comfortable there. The marginalized. These types of places have always been and will always be.

I wasn’t gay (and I’m still not) I wasn’t…really…a punker but I did think “different” and there has always been push back against people seen as different. Trump and his gang of thieves want you to know that different is dangerous. Money is god and white is right. They want to take us all back to a fictional place in time before, from their prospective, everything got out of control and everything was better. This place in time exists only in faded photos in a book they never actually look at because if they did they would see that the reality was far more mundane or even sinister. This magical world of safety is where people go when time seems to be ticking by way too quickly.

What Trump and his gang won’t see coming (because they are stupid) is they’ve picked a fight with people who like to fight, who are used to fighting, are accustom to being marginalized but have gotten used to the freedom of not being marginalized. The kids who found solace among the marginalized of the alternative punk rock scene grew up to go to Harvard. They are now writers and producers and app developers. They run the media. Trump and his gang of thieves are so afraid of these one time misfits who have grown up to be influential . They know how to tell stories like Hamilton that truly change prospective and they are much more dangerous to Trump and his gang then they would ever admit to and Trump has #radicalized them. I believe history will prove that Clinton lost from death by a thousand cuts. Trump will be taken down from death of a billion cuts as well. The same people who he marginalized.

I’m angry and like a lot of people like me…you won’t like me when I’m angry.