IT projects are often long, challenging, demanding and lead to friendships and rivalries within big corporations. As someone working at Insurance IT projects for over 10 years, many challenges seem similar to me and span through the whole software development lifecycle. I chose to identify six areas and identify the three most common challenges of each area. Many of these challenges may not apply to natural tech organisations but very much to insurers whose organisational structure was initially designed at a time when software was written in Cobol. Startup people, how is it with you? Corporate people, do you agree?

Episode 1: Leadership

Historically, the core of insurance results from the idea of mutual aid, i.e. families helping each other once houses are destroyed, sharing harvest in case of fire or hail in a monetary way — or in a non-monetary way by offering time and labour.

The idea of P2P insurance is following this core idea of insurance where people cover each other’s risk instead of relying on an organisation to regulate the process around risk coverage. The purest modern implementations are probably risk sharing communities like artabana ( where local groups are regularly meeting to discuss health issues and the use…


Insurance specialist, problem solver, free mind from Munich, Germany. Currently interested in DAOs and decentralized AI.

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