Don’t you need an email to log into Facebook?

I’m really confused; how would Facebook ever replace my inbox? Let’s say the new Messages features is an amazing, mind-blowing, make-angels-weep sort of product. I still need my email to log in. I still get my notifications in my inbox. All my other accounts need email.

So, will I know log in with a username? Maybe. Will I get notifications via phone? Eh, some people can. Will I switch over every account I have? Certainly not.

I’d like to point out one thing — Myspace came out with Myspace Mail last year. I think they did it right. Myspace mail is positioned as a layer on top of email. With a little work, you could make a social proxy for email.

Either journalists are drinking funny cool-aid or Facebook is getting far too arrogant.

I guess we’ll see Monday.

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