Molding Google+: what devs should be able to do

I’m really digging Google+. From the UX to the tight integration with Google products, I feel this is what I would want Google to build for me. As much as I think its great, Google+ is ripe for some serious modz — open platform style.

Here are some of my ideas on ways Google+ could open up to developers:

CRUD fluff
This is the most obvious. Give me R/W access to the Stream, Photos, Profiles & Circles. Make sure the API is consistent and all GData-ish. I realize Picasa already has an API, so make sure it fits nicely into the G+ stack. Also make sure that XFN/FOAF/Friend Connect is as easy to use and as well documented as the Facebook Graph API.

What’s not obvious is that the Stream should have the firehouse from day 1. But let me filter it like we did @ MySpace (we had limitations that I bet you could remove.) Actually, make it more like MySpace and let me subscribe to it. Let me subscribe to anything, with filters, PuSH style. PuSH it baby!

Hangout, from the inside
If Hangout is the killer feature of G+, then Hangout Apps will be a developer’s dream.

I bet a lot of Wave developer’s will be dusting off their old ideas around collaboration & games for this one. Speaking of wave…

Why can’t 1 of the 10 Hangout peeps be a bot? Still popular in IRC channel, a bot can actually be useful. For business folks, a bot can create project tasks based on text or audio commands. In games, a bot could be a teammate or an announcer.

Media Apps

It would be great to build rich media experiences around Images & Video. I’m not talking about an Aviary clone or an image slider. I’m talking about RICH experiences. I can’t think of anything right now, but reference anything Hakim El Hattab would make. Like

Mobile Social as a Service

This is easy — become the next OpenFeint. Differentiate by not just being for games — everything is better with friends. Also, it would be great if it was more like a native service, so products like PhoneGap would work sans SDK.

Final note

Lastly, don’t make this hard. Learn from the Facebook Graph API, OpenSocial & ITunes. Get the docs right, the SDKs on the homepage & real-life partners making money.

You can sign up to be on the Beta list here. Looking forward to see if anyone of my ideas predict the future. Or even better yet, become suggestions for the roadmap. :)


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