My NodeJS on Windows Setup

I recently decided to jump on the NodeJS bandwagon. NodeJS requires a POSIX OS and as such wouldn’t run on my Win7 laptop. I first created a slim Ubuntu VM on virtualbox. Running in seamless mode, it was almost like NodeJS was running right in Windows. It was perfect, but it worked.

After awhile, I started to notice that the 100meg+ made my laptop fan work a bit too hard. I decided I’ll try Cygwin.

I used the instructions from Github and a bit of Googling to get it working. It was surprisingly easier than the last time I tried Cygwin a few years ago.

You’ll only need to download two files: Cygwin & mintty.

Open CMD and navigate to setup.exe:

setup.exe -q -s — package gcc-g++,git,make,openssl,openssl-devel,pkg-config,zlib-devel,python,curl,wget,nano,rebase

(Note that this is all one line.)

Launch the Cygwin Bash Shell — you can close it once it loads and never look back.

Open c:\cygwin\bin\dash:

/bin/rebaseall -v

Now extract mintty and run “Create shortcut.” Launch mintty and follow the build steps:

mkdir src
cd src
git clone git://
git fetch — all
git tag
git checkout v0.4.5
make #grab a beer and wait
make install
echo “nameserver” >> /etc/resolv.conf
echo “nameserver” >> /etc/resolv.conf
curl | sh

I also create a symlink so all my files show up in Dropbox:

mklink /J C:\cygwin\home\{user}\projects C:\Users\{user}\Documents\Dropbox\projects

(note the space between the Cygwin folder and Dropbox folder)

I’ll try to put together a Screenr and run through the steps.

Anyone else playing with NodeJS on Windows or otherwise?


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