The factory, not just R&D, can be on a desktop

3D printing is certainly a hot topic and it hasn’t even hit its stride. The machines are getting smaller, more accurate & cheaper. We’re seeing less toy/protoypes and more “real products” — even a life-size robot!

But to make a final product, you need more than just the frame. New Startups are entering the arena to enable a Maker to complete the entire product development lifecycle in their own workshop.

Circuit Board Prototyping

The folks at AgiC sourced special conductive tape that only conducts in the Z-axis so soldering a SMT is literally just placing it on paper.


The mill can cut out tons of materials from copperclad for more permanent circuit boards to metals.

Pick & Place

I saw an more updated version of the machine and I was surprised how impressive it was (and no idea how expensive a real P&P cost!)

Is it ready yet for my apartment?

Not quite. These startups are just getting off the ground. Furthermore, if you were to buy all of them it would set you back more than $10k. But I can see the future and it is awesome.

./+Jonathan Beri

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