Who should buy, what to build [suggestions]

Google should buy Sprint and/or HTC.

LinkedIn should buy or partner with Crunchbase.

MySpace should buy DeviantArt and Last.fm.

Facebook should buy Flickr (and close it.)

Newscorp should spin off MySpace and Viacom should own 49%.

Programmable Web should create a standard for API definition & become a provider of it.

Paypal should buy BankSimple.

AOL should consolidate their new acquisitions and create individual studios.

Yahoo! should copy Twillio’s API-as-a-service model.

Microsoft should offer Bing for free, ala Yahoo! BOSS.

Apple should buy Skype.

Adobe should create the Aves competitor (good buy, Zynga.)

Playdom & Slide should merge and follow ngmoco:) and make mobile-only games.

Nokia should buy Boost mobile.

Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & maybe ATT should create One Social Web or Diaspora sites.

Pandora should create an API.

That’s it for now. This is mostly an early-AM stream of thought, though I’m happy to explain any point in detail.


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