Random Roundup #3

The ‘App:
WhatsApp is getting an update, and you’re going to love one of the features… the ability to unsend messages!
So long as the other person hasn’t viewed the text you’ll be able to edit or delete it. To think of all the times we could have used this…

The Woah:
By July, Dubai skies will be home to passenger-carrying drones.
The Jetsons IRL. Totally bonkers!

The Food for Thought:
Is Uber getting in the ad game?
Begs the question about autonomous cars: “What will we be doing with all that time spent in the car and not driving?”

The Upvote:
Song Exploder is a Podcast where the world’s top musicians open up their creative process for one of their songs from idea to writing to recording and release.
Very approachable; even for the musically naive like me.

The Creepy:
New office sensors will be able to track you everywhere but the bathroom. 
Hint: it’s in the lights.

The Tip:
If you hold down on the camera screen in Snapchat while music is playing in the background, it’ll tell you what song is playing (using Shazam.) 
There you have it, the only party trick you’ll ever need.

The Winner of the Week:
This guy who knits jerseys of places and then visits them… wearing the jerseys.
Not all heroes wear capes, some wear jerseys.

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