Learning Design thinking through an immersive curated personal experience
Harshit Jaiswal

Really pleased that the largest takeaway was the process. Design is definitely a holistic practice, one in which it can often be about the process itself. Having new frameworks to think in is really powerful, and being able to recognize and reflect upon our modes of thinking is equally powerful. One aspect of the article that I would love to see added is a little bit about the details of your specific project. I recall Khi Khi starting from a sketch of laughing parties, a way for communities to increase their health by laughing together. I recall a lot of thought about how important laughter is in our lives and the many conditions that contribute to laughing. This eventually lead you to the shared aspect of laughter and an alternate way of sharing that laughter. The “tickle” device, as I’ll call it, was one possible technology to assist in sharing a more visceral laughter, only triggered by another’s laughter at a distance. The sincerity of sharing the experience rather than imposing an experience brought me delight with this project. Most of all, I am so happy to see a community build from these experiences, and I look forward to the kind of collaborations that will emerge!