Join OKKKCupid, the first dating app exclusively for the alt-right

Let’s face it — modern dating is hard. Everyone’s always so busy, no one wants to commit, not to mention the impending race war. How can you meet someone who shares your values? The bar scene? Forget about it. Too many randos and race traitors. Dating apps are popular, but it’s hard to get to know someone with just a few pics and no mention of their pan-European heritage. It’s enough to make you want to scream “Blood and soil!” But just because the democrats are giving up the racial heritage of America doesn’t mean you should give up on love. That’s why we founded OKKKCupid, the first dating app exclusively for the alt-right.

While some dating apps offer little more than the occasional one night stand, at OKKKCupid, we match you based on deep levels of compatibility, like your interests, values and desired location of the white ethnostate. All of our members are real people and, through an exclusive partnership with 23andMe, verified to be at least 95 percent from white European descent. No catfish or ethnic ambiguity here! And even though it has nothing to do with white supremacy, we don’t cater to gays or lesbians because we know it matters to you anyway.

Creating a profile is easy! Just fill out a few simple questions, upload a profile picture and your 75-page manifesto on the Jewish globalist conspiracy and in no time, you’ll be matching with like-minded, lily-white singles in your area. And while our members’ ethnicities may not be diverse, their interests are. So whether you’re looking to hit the town — along with a few antifas — at the next free speech rally or just want to Infowars and chill in mom’s basement, there’s a special someone waiting for you.

Signing up is free — only pay to communicate with matches and keep your profile hidden from friends, family, employers, journalists or anyone else who may send your profile to those people. And this weekend only, trade unlimited Pepe memes with your matches for free! Share a few laughs and in no time, you’ll be on your way to propagating the master race. Everyone deserves to find that special someone — except for minorities and the libcucks who support their white genocidal agenda — and you owe it to yourself to find the man or woman of your dreams.

Of course, some might say if you just toned down your rhetoric a bit, you could talk to members of the opposite sex without the aid of a racist Tinder clone. Or if you went five minutes without mentioning Jews controlling the media or DNC-sanctioned human sex trafficking and actually listened to how someone’s day went, you could find yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend. Some people may even say that once you find love and companionship, your bleak, tribalist worldview may actually soften into something a little less extreme. Those people are beta SJW snowflakes and will be the first to die when the silent majority rises to take America back from the immigrants, socialists and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

OKKKCupid. Because love is blind, not colorblind.