Are You Losing Sales Because You Are In Physical Pain?

Imagine a rope bridge that stretches across a river. The wooden planks are worn but look in good enough shape. The ropes, though a little frayed, look strong enough. You step onto the bridge. As you near its centre, you can feel the rope tighten in your hands. By the time you reach the middle, the bridge itself is twisting and has distorted out of shape. Finally, as you watch, the rope snaps.

Think of the rope as your muscles, the wood planks and beams as your joints. When you become weak and heavy, muscles tighten, joints creak and ache. Your posture gets bent out of shape. It’s only a matter of time before something snaps and you find yourself facing a painful injury, one that might forever affect your quality of life.

The overweight executive lives in pain. This is the inevitable result of a weak frame that is supporting far too much weight. The onset of pain makes the overweight executive physically inactive. The longer they are inactive, the weaker they are and the heavier they become. Full body movements such as walking, running and stair climbing damage joints as they suffer from bad bio mechanics. Moving hurts!

Physical pain creates the binary life. When the executive is away from the office they prefer to do nothing, they choose the safety of the couch. Constant pain saps mental, physical and emotional energy. It derails nutrition and exercise plans and makes it harder to engage with others, affecting personal and professional relationships alike. Worst of all, it drains resilience, making it harder with each passing day to push through setbacks.

The executive who is in pain is hanging on by a thread. It’s only a matter of time before the rope snaps.

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