Build muscle and then move it. It’s the simple advice to maintain your weight that very few take. Without weight training, the average adult can expect to lose approximately 0.25kg of muscle and put on 0.5kg of fat each year between 30 and 60 years of age. Building and preserving muscle mass is a vital strategy that you must begin today.

The total change in 30 years is a loss of 7kg or muscle and 15kg of fat. The net result is that the 60-year-old needs to lose 20kg to re-enter the healthy weight range.

The unhealthy adult lives in constant or nearly constant pain. This is the inevitable result of a weak frame, caused by decreased muscle size supporting far too much weight.

Movement becomes difficult. Muscles tighten, bones creak and ache, posture gets bent out of shape. It’s only a matter of time before something snaps and you find yourself facing a painful injury, one that might forever affect your quality of life.

The solution occurs in three stages:


This is the Executive Athlete method. Mobility is always the initial focus. An injury is the very definition of backward progress. Once adequate (if in doubt see a physio) range or movement has been achieved then work on your stability (if in doubt see a trainer).


This is the second half of the Executive Athlete exercise programming. When designing an exercise week I look at achieving a minimum of 10 points. A resistance training session is 3 points, interval cardio session is 2 points and low-intensity activity is 1 point.


This where the fun starts. To make a lifelong commitment to exercise you need to find a way to compete and even better to compete with your loved ones.

People are often more motivated to do something for others than to do something for themselves. To motivate my executives I encourage them to exercise with their children as they are more likely to make time for them rather than to make time to exercise by themselves.

This easily could have been a highly detailed piece on the best exercises for muscle building and improve your metabolic rate to reverse its age-related decline. But the best exercise sessions are the ones that get done, not talked about.

Training adherence for the executive is lead by avoiding injury and training with your children. Each moment with your children is a chance to observe and shape their development. Each second spent with them is a chance for you to lead by example, and, by doing so, influence the kind of person they will become.

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