Since it’s a recent common growth, cloud computing has become something of a novelty. Being able to scale computing environments within minutes is both cost-effective and stellar when you're in a pinch and need to stand up a quick warm site to support some additional traffic towards your organization. …

This is a proof of concept about how weak security controls placed around Lambda functions can lead to potential total compromise. This PoC assumes that the viewer has an understanding of what Lambda is, how it functions, and why organizations integrate it into their infrastructure.

AWS Lambda

If you need a crash…

The Cyebrsploit

VulnHub is a website that provides materials that allow anyone to gain practical ‘hands-on’ experience in digital security, computer software & network administration. The following write up is based on the box titled “ Cybersploit: 1”.

The objective/goal of the exercise is to get the 3 flags that are placed…

Red Teaming and Blue Teaming

Techniques known as “War Gaming” have been exercises that organizations such as the National Security Agency, United States Military, and other government entities perform to exercise and test their offensive and defensive capabilities. These war games are made up of teams commonly referred to as “Red Teams,” an offensive style…

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