Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

You are a cruel and narcissistic shell of a human. Any Sanders supporter that had to deal with your malevolent team of paid internet trolls knows this. Your vile tactics alienated young people and turned countless rust belt Democrats into Trump supporters. I witnessed as your bullies broke down young, hopeful, and idealistic new voters until they were cynical Pepe Frog worshipping “Deplorables.” You harassed and abused countless high-school and college aged voters. You poisoned a generation.

It breaks my heart seeing what you and the neoliberal Democratic establishment did to these kids. Make no mistake, you are a major symptom of why Trump won. I would genuinely rather eat 20 raw horse penises than team up with you. You’re a monster and your misdeeds will not be forgotten or forgiven.