Jon Eborn is accountant of A.B International in the USA

Jon Eborn is a professional accountant in A.B international company in the USA. The accountant should hold certain traits that will allow them to do their jobs well. Jon Eborn defines what qualities make a good accountant? These below given qualities should be an accountant to become a professional.

 Knowledgeable about the latest accounting rules and theories: First of all he should be proper knowledge of latest accounting principles or rules.

 Accurate and detail oriented: This quality plays a crucial role for doing a job of an accountant. The report made by an accountant should be accurate. One minor mistake leads very big issues. Accuracy should be in his reporting.

 Accountable: Accountant should be accountable. To manage each and everything related to business is not an easy task. Accountant always pays more attention while preparing accounting reports.

 Creative: accountant ought to be creative thoughts to solve the business problems.

 Trustworthy: To be trustworthy as a profession in an accountant. Trust is not easily to build it takes a long time to build it.

 Team player: The most important factor to become an accountant is a team player. This trait shows that person has the ability to work with different personalities.

Jon Eborn said that this person who handles your finance should be included these traits.

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