What is Happiness

Let us begin a discussion, shall we?

To begin let’s tackle a question as old as time itself.

What is happiness?

We know of it as an emotion,

A sort of satisfaction, you will.

One where like our ancestors before,

And by ancestors I mean before fire was invented, may have lived a life with the purpose of satisfying a desire they may not have fully understood.

And now, in this age of information (mind you, some may be true, some may be false) is happiness still an emotion?

And if it is an emotion, what real weight does it hold, if any?

Because, may I remind you that chemical processes are directly linked to our emotions. Hence antidepressants.

So if emotions are still things we satisfy on a whim…

Are we any better than the neanderthal still?

Now that’s a rabbit hole for exploration.

But right now, id like to hear your thoughts on happiness.

Jonathan Reyes

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