Eurovision x Robot Wars 2017

So it’s time once again. Eurovision! The most ridiculous night of musical television. Anyway, that means it’s more time for my annual print-and-play scorecard.

As we all know, there’s only one way to truly decide a winner of something. It’s by ranking competitors on style, damage, aggression and control. That’s right, Robot Wars style.

It’s pretty simple. Each act, rate it out of 10 for Style, Damage, Aggression and Control. Not sure if those apply? Of course they do! For damage, think of it as damage done to other competitors. For control, overall control of their vocals and performance — is it looking or sounding messy?

The rules are really up to your household, but that’s where we start.

Anyway since this idea started (THANKS ALEX) a few years ago, I’ve been the custodian of the scoreboard and get the requests to make it. So I have! And if you play along, please tweet me @jonathanex with your screenshot. Got it? Good.

Download and print your score card here! (PDF)

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