A conversation with my therapist about how I feel about recent events

Photo by Dorrell Tibbs on Unsplash. Edited by Author.

I hadn’t seen the video of George Floyd. I had recently watched the video of Ahmaud Arbery a couple of months before and was left feeling distraught. I couldn’t understand it. He was hunted and killed like an animal — nothing decent about the way they took his life. You can only imagine his final thoughts after the first shots hit his side. Two civilians took matters into their own hands and assaulted a man without evidence. …

A prompt to Quote No 14

Photo by Aleksandra Khoroshykh on Unsplash

A man is now ninety years old
He’s aware his time is running out
His family gathers around his bed
To say their goodbyes and farewells

A priest called, an anointing done
Yet he clings to see tomorrow
He’s worried about his children
Has he done enough for them?

Has he left a lasting legacy?
What would his obituary say?
A voice comes to his soul saying
Lift your foot. Cross over.

He sees his mother, dressed in a blue sari
He last saw her almost a century ago
He left home a boy, crossed an ocean
Sadly, he couldn’t return in time

Have you stopped to think about how your perfect home would look?

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Take a second. Imagine your perfect home. What’s the first thing that greets you? The smell of clean laundry, a rich cup of coffee or fresh baked cookies coming out of the oven? Home is where your story begins. It’s much more than bricks and beams; it’s a place where you store your hopes and dreams.

So when Jack, my business partner and architect, asked me to describe my perfect home, I paused. As a structural engineer, I knew what he meant. Was it going to be timber-framed? Was it going to have three bedrooms? Was it going to be…

A letter to my wife on our wedding anniversary. Love is about growing closer each day.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

Dear Lover,

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. I feel like I have known you forever, though it has hardly been a decade. A journey often overlooked, interrupted by life’s constant demands. Like a longing from a past life, a familiar spirit, you instantly filled a void I didn’t know existed.

We both had our doubts about love. You needed a companion, a rock to confide in. I needed a friend, a place for solace. Our parents’ unions were uninspiring. We never thought we would get married. The idea of love ephemeral. Yet, we took the plunge in fearless defiance.


An ode written for when I feel most grateful!

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash

I am grateful to rise with the morning’s breath
To find joy in the softness of the new grass ahead
To find grace in the drizzle that coats the lawn at dawn
To find warmth in the early rays of the dazzling sun
To find comfort in the freshness of the gentle breeze
To find delight in the symphony of new sounds at hand
To find solace deep in me, in being alive and free
O how could I possibly count my silver linings
I am blessed by the abundance of my soul’s dinings

I wrote this as a response…

A depressing poem

Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash. Edited by Jonathan Fashanu

Death my friend, come, be my sweet relief
Draw near, save me from this unending grief

I feel your long claws gently graze my soul
Your rapacious eyes flicker black as coal

Deeper you send me tumbling into the spiral
My spirit vacates, the motion becomes gyral

It floats to happy thoughts and better days
Filled with ethereal skies and golden rays

How did I end here, lost in a tempestuous sea
A pale reflection of my former self, a banshee

My eyes remain shut, darkness keeps me calm
The silence around me becomes a restful psalm

I hear her…

DASH Sustainable Living Series

Many think sustainable living is expensive. Sustainable living is a mindset to reduce our impact on one another, the environment and our expenses.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Sustainability is not a new topic. Climate change has dominated the news over the last few years. Ever so often, we are reminded that our behaviour and living habits are affecting the planet. Global warming. Water scarcity. Plastic Pollution. There are so many issues that seem pressing and relevant it’s sometimes hard to figure out where to start.

As a building designer, when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, my professional opinion would always be to improve the performance of your building fabric. A quarter of the heating in your home gets lost through the roof and even more…

A futuristic letter to my toddler about life during COVID-19. If he asks, I will tell him it was a time that brought us all together.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Dear Son,

Thanks for writing to me. I am glad we have gone back to more ancient forms of communication; I still struggle with the hologram.

Well, COVID-19 was a deadly virus that took many lives. We felt it in every corner of the world. Governments shut their borders, markets crashed, and people stayed at home. You might not remember this, but the playgrounds had to close. I couldn’t explain this to you because you were so little.

It was a very reflective time for many. People had to stay at home and think. We realised how connected we all…

I was trying to explain to my two-year-old why the playgrounds are shut.

Daddy, you said we were going swimming last week,
You usually keep your promises, this time you didn’t,
You just said we can’t, why don’t we play ‘hide and seek’,
I want to go out. I feel like you want to keep me hidden.

On Saturday, you kept me home from my friends again,
I did not get a chance to meet the other kids playing,
‘Was it something I said or did?’, as it didn’t even rain,
I wish you could understand why I am sad and crying.

When we go for walks, you don’t let me pet the…

Jonathan Fashanu

Father of two. London-based. Engineer. Co-Founder of a Dash (https://dash.london) a Sustainable Design Studio.

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