A no go zone is a very subjective idea anyway.
Svetlana Voreskova

Also, Lana:

But in many cases those “extremist” groups are made up mostly of people who are concerned about the changes that are being enforced upon their neighbourhoods against their will by people who never asked their permission.

I think that there is a vacuum in mainstream UK political discourse about certain topics.

This vacuum, left unattended by many scholars, politicians, journalists and artists, is being filled by the raw desperation of people who often lack the learning and the eloquence to express certain ideas in a balanced or objective manner.

This being so, elite figures continue to shy away from discussing it; and yet, paradoxically, others are drawn into taking the risk of discussing it, precisely because it is becoming harder and harder to ignore.

In my opinion, moment one has been relatively dominant up to now. But that dominance is not sustainable, in the long run. So moment two will prevail in the end. (Hence yet another Sputnik blog article of mine, published today; where I argue that political Islamists are ‘killer clowns’ whose hubris is likely to lead them to a heavy fall, like Icarus and Daedalus).

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