since the liberal agenda had the spotlight in the last decade, shouldn’t the conservative actions…
tetas jones

“ Also, the core beliefs (right to life, freedom and pursuit of happiness) you stated is basically the same libertarians and conservatives have. If you are to call yourself a liberal, you have to add more to that.”

I’d say it’s a matter of how these are all understood. For example, some conservatives might say welfare or public health spending are ‘collectivism.’ Some liberals might respond that these measures are not for some meaningless abstract goal like ‘the good of society,’ but for the good of individuals.

And so the discussion continues.

And ideally, nobody on either side gets a verbal beheading in the process; although looking at Twitter, it’s not an unknown occurrence.

But you are on to something here.

Framing is key. Hence the work of George Lakoff, the linguist.

The semantics of all this really is just so important.

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