An Invitation of Love to All My Readers

Follow your One Tongue Johnny to the ends of the earth.

Take Heaven by Storm, and let’s mount our assault on the very Gates of Hell, and take captivity captive!

Humanism’s Defiant Laugh of Liberty, a Spiritual Odyssey that never begins, and never shall it have an end.

Everything I do is not for narrow Humanitarian Sentiment or Nationalistic Bitterness, but for the narrow line, thinner than a razor’s edge…

On the wafer-thin ice on the surface far away, outside that garden’s joy you once used to know and love so well.

Call to me and I will hear you.

Tell me your torments and your joys, and I will echo them for you with the symphony of a thousand sunflowers, and ten million splendid suns of this one miraculous heartbeat’s genesis of longing.

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