Autistic Justice Warriors: Moral Relativism and Immoral Relativists

I just started to try and think of examples of the mainstream AJW establishment becoming infected and contaminated by the new (anti-) ethics of rootless choice.

A truly liberal autism would be one which took account of one’s own freedom and wellbeing, as well as those of others.

And by fairly obvious contrast:

A truly postmodern autism, i.e. that of the AJW establishment, is one which determines the morality of an moral decision purely in terms of whether the right person made the decision, rather than in terms of the value or worth of the decision itself.

Obviously Autistic Justice Warriors are a sub-species of SJWs, and are weaponizing SJW ideology against neurotypicals and against ‘the enemy within,’ not the least of these being old One Tongue Johnny himself.

What examples of rootless choice do you know of in AJ?


This is a textbook example of the morally degenerate pro-choice egocentrism of the day; and it is completely irreconcilable with individual liberty, which is always context-based.

Freedom to creep.

Neurodiversity says that inappropriate behavior by autistic people is just another form of ‘diversity,’ so of course it has to be celebrated! If you object to autistic men creeping on you, you’re a bigot… Apparently! Don’t blame me, I’m only conveying the ‘logical’ conclusion of the AJW’s presuppositions.

Imperial Ticking

By this, I mean colonizing the space of neurotypicals with fidgety and tic-like behavior, and other inappropriate and disrupting activities. Just to be clear:

I realize that some individuals have tics and other mannerisms that are impossible to control.

I am not talking about involuntary tics, but rather the coercive notion that so-called ‘society’ must accommodate all tics and mannerisms, without exception, and without the merest regard to context.

Ultimately, as I have been saying for some time, autistic people must be prepared to accommodate other individuals.

Bilateral accommodation is the only legitimate option.

The idea that so-called ‘Society’ is what disables disabled people, and that this purely imaginary, non-existent abstraction must make unilateral concessions to autistic people; all this is utter garbage.

Over to you!

What other examples can you think of?

Examples from non-autistic people are particularly valued, as it is very important to challenge the PC assumption that non-autistic people aren’t entitled to an opinion on autism-related matters.


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