Autistic People Can’t Be Misogynistic; Creeping is Just Another Form of Diversity. Embrace it!

My recent piece on Medium discusses, among other things, the problem of the implicit legitimation of ‘creeping’ perpetrated by autistic men; the current PC orthodoxies say autistic people don’t have to change.

‘Society’ has to change instead.

It’s not misogyny which is at issue, but ableism!

What a laugh! That’s really perverse, when you think about it.

Sadly, for Autistic Justice Warriors, women have to sit at the back of the bus.

Women who condemn men for creeping, or who even politely warn them off or explain why this is inappropriate, are the bad guys?

That’s really twisted, but once you start saying that ‘society’ (which doesn’t exist, by the way), has to accommodate autistic people, but for autistic people to have to cultivate and improve ourself is ‘coercion’ and ‘abuse…’

Well, the only conclusion that can reasonably be drawn from such hyper-relativistic nihilism is that creeping is ‘just another form of diversity.’

The boy can’t help it!

Celebrate neurodiversity, you ignorant right-wing bigot!

It would be pretty boring if we were all the same now, wouldn’t it!

By the way, what happens when absolutist-relativist Neurodiversity meets absolutist-relativist pomofem?

That’s right!

A clash of absolutes!

One faction says the men are 100% right, all the time.

One faction say the women are 100% right, all the time.

How to mediate this?

I have but one watchword, now and ever:

Back to reality!

The storm and fury of competing relativisms can only be dispelled by returning to a traditional liberalism…

Where skepticism (freedom from dogmatism), fallibilism (freedom from absolute certainty) empiricism (evidence-based reasoning) and rationalism (logical rigor and critical thinking) prevail over the mutual screaming LARParamas of pomo SocJus.

You can be pro woman or you can be an Autistic Justice Warrior; but you can’t be both.

AutJus and gender egalitarianism are fundamentally irreconcilable imperatives.

And sooner or later, one of them is going to have to go…


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