The Mistakes We Make: Why Liberalism is Teetering on Feet of Clay
Henry Wismayer

“… Being liberal does not necessarily make you a better person. It just means you believe base humanity is so spectacularly flawed that it needs to be contained within a framework of social mores and ethical absolutes.”


I would also argue that liberalism is of value as a goal, and not merely as a destination. Liberalism does not ‘let anyone down,’ and it CANNOT do so, because liberalism offers ZERO guarantees.

At its most honest and transparent and clear, liberalism does not have God on its side.

It does not have history on its side.

Liberalism stands or falls by the free and perilous and frail and fallible agency of human beings.

It does not need approval from any deity or any substitute deity (race, ethnicity, species, nation, Kosmos).

It is not about The Greater Good, but the greatness of the individual good, as I have remarked elsewhere.

And if it is not that, then it is nothing.

And it ought utterly to perish from the earth.