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Believing evolution was initiated or directed by God, Ha-Shem or Allah (even in a very naive and literal and anthropomorphic, rather than a poetic or figurative sense) is vastly preferable to thinking evolution is a lie invented by a shadowy cabal of Zionist lesbian freemasons.

People really do need to pick their battles, don’t they?

The idea that every religious belief must be ‘superstition’ should be challenged.

A lot of religious beliefs may be semantically or evidentially questionable.

But anyone who thinks Jesus turning the water into wine or Sri Krisna performing magic to impress the milkmaids is on the same level as God destroying entire cities of ‘Sodomites’ or condemning infidels to the lake of fire for being Christ ‘rejecters,’ or burning ‘haram’ women in the lake of fire for all eternity, has a rather funny sense of priorities.