Break from Everything: Writing and Publishing

I’ve been on a writing break for a while; and now I’m going on a (re-)publishing break too.

I’ve recently republished a few brief musings (originally on my Facebook account), but almost no original work of any kind whatsoever; the very little that has been original has been pretty short and simple.

I am not writing anything more in the very near future.

I have some complex problems and difficulties at the moment, and so I am afraid I’ll have to return later.

There are a couple of sites where I will certainly republish some existing work of mine (either previously published or merely on draft on my computer), but I am not writing anything new anywhere for some weeks.

But I will be back in the medium-term; again, some weeks or months from now, at most.

I look forward to it!

Whatever happens, One Tongue Johnny gonna One Tongue!

One Tongue Johnny

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