Brief Note: Moral Relativism (Device of the Weak & Spineless to Undermine the Virtuous and Valiant)

Moral relativism (diversity, tolerance, inclusion) is a tool by which the weak manipulate the decadent; so that the strong will, in turn, be weakened. In societies where right and wrong are objective and universal, and not a mere matter of opinion, there is no moral relativism; and very little decadence.

The ‘values’ of moral relativists are only hollow imitations of true, virile, courageous, manly, womanly values: like pluralism and toleration, which eventually degenerate into diversity and tolerance.

Moral relativists desecrate whatever they are too sentimental and undiscerning to even understand, far less to love.

Moral relativists cannot attack the mighty and courageous on the field of battle; so they must work by insinuation, innuendo and hollow flattery, instead.

But, those who are awake and ready will never be disarmed.

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