ECJ Ruling: A Milestone in the Reliberalization of Europe

The European Court of Justice has ruled that employers, at their discretion, may provide evenhanded dress codes…

Yes, that’s right! Forget the inflammatory sensationalism the AIU (Anti-Islamophobia Industry) are putting out about this one:

“An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign does not constitute direct discrimination.”

Exactly! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really impressed with the Brussels bureaucrats (technically Luxembourg, but whatever!) I guess it must have taken something like this to make me feel this way…


Of course, privileged straight middle class white boy bouzhee metropolitans (oh, how ironic!) will be pissing salt over this one. I think I’ll have me a nice cup of salty regressive leftist tears. The ‘white fragility’ (again, please do excuse the irony!) is strong with these ‘uns!

But let’s be solemn, and not only ethically serious. If this is “discrimination,” then the word is emptied of all meaning.

Of course, it is inevitable that a lot of folk will be triggered by this and deny that it is ‘Islamophobic,’ instead of being what it is: a common sense, anti-intellectual, evenhanded, dispassionate ruling to cover ALL faiths and philosophies and religions.

Is this a milestone in the re-liberalization of Europe?

Let’s hope so. Now a clear signal has been sent out that NO religion (it’s fairly obvious how evenhanded I’m being here, just like the judges) can run roughshod over everyone else.

So, anyone in Europe, of all faiths and none, who is not 100% unreservedly committed to secuarlism…

Well, you know where the door is!

Freedom and individual liberty are not up for debate. Get with, or get out!

Je Suis Europe!