Everybody’s Got a Right to Choose! One Day, We Will Have Ours…

To those who favor individual liberty over bourgeois choice, and the lives of disabled individuals over ‘social justice,’ I recommend reframing disability-selective abortion as ‘eugenical choice.’

This choice of words cuts through the cant and the hypocrisy, and it has the potential to be deeply discouraging and demoralizing for those who support eugenics.

Unlike individual liberty, which is premised upon realism and upon the inevitability of conflicts of interest, ‘bourgeois choice’ is premised on the exaltation of individual wills in abstraction from the wellbeing and liberty of others.

This ‘choice’ of theirs is sacred and beyond all question; it is for this very reason, that ‘eugenical choice’ will be a very powerful weapon for throwing choicers off course, and putting them on the defensive, and making them explain themselves properly, for pretty much the first time in their history.

One day, it is us ‘dysgenics’ and ‘Untermenschen’ who will carry the day.

One day, it is we who will have The Right to Choose.