“Everyone Else Can Do It…” Everyone Else Can Get Fucked!

Looks like I’ll be quitting my very first TEFL post with a good feedback average!

This is not a question of boasting…

I’m just glad I took the courage to:

A. Get the certificate in 2012.

B. Take the courage to actually start in early 2015, even after a gap between earning the certificate and starting the job…

And even though I was nervous during the interview, and afraid of starting, and felt nervous for a long time even after starting.

So, I have shown myself I can do these things.

Always remember not to measure yourself solely by the standard of ‘the average person’ or ‘your peers.’

Measure yourself also by the standard of where you came from; not just in terms of your background, but on an even deeper level, as a person.

Writing serious journalistic articles or even a long novel series is easy; going into a pub and talking for an hour with strangers who care nothing about you is infinitely, immeasurably harder.

There isn’t always a single rule.

An autism support worker some years ago said:

“I measure success not by where I am now, but by how far I have come.”

I am roughly paraphrasing this from memory.

Cultivation is a very un-PC (un-postmodernly-correct) notion. Postmodernists believe in what I call ‘toxic immmanence,’ i.e. ‘You are fine just the way you are,’ which is actually a deeply abusive and manipulative notion.

Globalist crony capitalism WANTS you to be fine, just how you are.

Tories and Blue Labour want you to be ‘just perfect.’

The RNC and DNC establishment want you to be…

‘Alright, Jack!’

Think about it.

And no matter what country on earth you are from, I can GUARANTEE it’s the same.

You’re not supposed to rock the boat, right?


Keep on rockin’!

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