Snowflake indeed.
Robert D Skeels rdsathene

Ha ha! You’re seriously telling me you’re an anti-capitalist, and working class? How the hell does that one work out?

Look, this whole ‘working-class hero’ gag is as old as the hills.

How stupid do you think I am?

Since when are Communism and Postmodernism working class ideologies?!

I’m half tempted to think you’re starting to believe your own horseshit.

You seriously want to tell me some of the most bourgeois, high-minded, elitist ideologies in history are working class?!

Try telling that to some real working class folk, and see how they laugh at you.

This is just too funny.

I suppose you’re going to tell me you know some Jewish Neo-Nazis, or some Gay Islamists? Because the latter two fictional examples are not one whit more ridiculous and fanciful than what you just said.