What are you even talking about…?
Matthew Yauch

Here we go! One Strike Rule again! The OSR is for intellectually degenerate and civilizationally depraved trolls and derailers who deliberately strawman what I say.

You believe if we can’t prove 100% whether someone was alienated food or healthcare, there’s no point in trying to socialize it.

I’m not even going to try and fisk the utter garbage you wrote, nor even so much as to read the million-word-rant you posted above.

If anyone out there is feeling suicidal, I’m sure they’ll enjoy boring themselves to death.

The OSR means any further depraved, dishonest and irredeemably corrupt intellectual masturbations for YOU will be ignored with all due contempt, unless contempt itself is granting a great deal too much significance to this repugnant, degenerate Marxist trash of yours.