I didn't realise that there was some kind of “war against science” in the USA.
Svetlana Voreskova

“ History quite clearly teaches us that national boundaries are very meaningful indeed. We have had boundaries of one kind or another since we first crawled out of the swamps. Humans have an innate need for security. Foxes and hens again.”

You are right to avoid one-sidedness here.

The problem in this discussion, all too often, is the usual postmodern sleight of hand.

Borders are not a fact of nature, and they are not morally pristine; THEREFORE they must be a conspiracy invented by evil privileged folks to oppress others.

What is missing here is a third option. What if borders are not positive or negative in themselves, but are a result of history, a radically imperfect attempt to engage with a complex social and historical reality? What if borders are actually a MASSIVE gray area, morally speaking, and come neither from heaven nor hell, but from earth? Or more accurately still, from human beings?

What you’re saying is a salutary correction. Here in the UK, I can see all kinds of postmodern nihilists setting up false questions, false dilemmas like:

Are borders sacred and beyond all criticism and question?

Or are borders an evil, racist conspiracy invented by morally reprobate criminals, even fascists?

This is childish, juvenile thinking, and signifies not so much an honest mistake, as a stubborn and petulant refusal to even BEGIN to reason seriously about the topics at issue.

Why can’t there be gray areas in life? The Postmodernist Community (or as Orwell would no doubt call them if he were with us today, ‘PostCom’), moralize all the time about the problems of ‘black and white’ thinking, but they truly do represent an absolutely a classic case of ‘Physician, Heal Thyself! Syndrome.’

Good to see someone giving a pushback on this. The Social Justice/Regressive Leftists/Postmodern Fundamentalist faction of the left poison everything.