Since you are ignorant enough to NOT know what real Capitalism, or Communism is (for taht matter) I…
Elias Eliadis

The value of humanity will always trump the competing value of property.

Humanity doesn’t exist. I owe nothing to Humanity. Who is he, that I should honor his filthy name? I only care about people. Humanity can go hang!

A Communist is someone who believes that human rights are intrinsic.

I didn’t know Stalin and Pol Pot were the foremost human rights defenders of the modern age. You learn something new every day!

Most of us are in violent agreement that every child born on this planet is entitled…

A. Who is us? Presumably, privileged straight white middle class yogurt arses, in the overwhelming majority of cases.

B. I want doesn’t get. My rights doesn’t get. My choice doesn’t get.

We as a people united can extend our compassion.

There is no such word as ‘we.’

Read a bit less Trotsky, Hitler, Kim Jong Un; and a bit more Yevgeny Zamyatin.

Also, ‘Communism is not love,’ as one of your infallible prophets has already said. How dare you blaspheme against your holy-a__e godwombles like this?

Communists believe that governments working to protect the hoarded privilege of the few are depriving the many of their rightful means for existence.

Communists also believe that they are the ones who should be hoarding stuff and depriving others. New boss, same as the old boss! Bit less Enver Hoxha and Benito Mussolini, helluh more Pete Townsend!

A government loses its democratic legitimacy to rule when it safeguards unjustifiable levels of inequality and allows its citizenry to suffer.

By that logic, every ‘Third World’ country, as your people call them, is illegitimate. Wowee! White Man’s Burden much?! What utter imperialistic, privileged middle-class white metropolitan boozhee nonsense.

You likely do not believe in the inalienability of the right to property.

I never said I did. There is absolutely less than zero contradiction between being an economic progressive, and being a good capitalist.

The farmer has every right to poison everyone downstream from his farm.

By ‘farmer,’ I think you mean ‘Commie governments.’

If you have to think about this for even a second, you are an asshole.

How about some rational, dispassionate, objective, scientific argumentation; instead of strident, emotive, sentimental evidence-free, irrationally nihilistic ranting?

Communists start from the basic premise that the Earth is a shared asset.

You can start from whatever infallible and unquestionable premises you like. Pro tip: So do ISIS, Ultra-Haredis and Young Earth Creationist. Enjoy being on the Right Side of History (TM).

We believe no person born is more or less entitled to a bigger stake than anyone else.

Uh, what? Remind me what entitlement has to do with it?! By that logic, because a shop assistant’s work is no less valuable than that of a top professor, they should be paid the same. What an utter crock.

Anyway, if all this is so, then why do you want to create a new corporatocracy where the CEOs are greedy, cigar-chomping, morally degenerate Party cadres?

We believe no nationality is more entitled than any other to profit from its resources.

Again, “I want doesn’t get.” You really do struggle with this stuff, don’t you?!

If you believe that saving the planet is the responsibility of the collective, then you must also believe that the irresponsible monopolization of Earth’s resources by the few is a tyranny that we must end.

Guess what? I don’t. Nor, indeed, does anyone else with two brain cells to rub together. But then, you’ve probably worked that out already.

Humanity must trump property or property will trump the planet.

Humanity can be taken out and shot for all I care. I only care about individuals. Meaningless sentimental abstractions to the Gulags, Komrads!


My interests, not the national interest!

My good, not the good of Humanity!

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