What does your comfort level have to do with anything?
Na.tasha Tr.oop

What does your comfort level have to do with anything?

I could ask the same thing to you.

The only person who’s comfort level should matter in any of this is the child’s.

Yes. A pity nobody thought about that until now.

Have you ever met a trans kid?

What has my meeting a trans kid or not have to do with anything?

Asked them what it was like being a trans kid without caring parents such as this one has?

Do you believe that parents who took a different approach are uncaring?

No one is unilaterally ‘deciding’ anything for the child. They are actually just listening to the child and basing treatment on actual data.

The same logic here, if taken to its logical conclusion, would justify pedophilia as well. Children are not always (if at all) capable of making the same decisions as mature adults.

They get to decide based on their comfort level, not yours and not mine.

Not if they’re children, they don’t.

Ask yourself when your comfort level actually matters.

Your comfort level seems to have played a great deal more in this decision you made, and the doctors made, than you are willing to acknowledge in this discussion thread; at least up to now.

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