I’m not a believer in the ‘rights’ concept at all — not only because it is a philosophical nonsense…
John Hopkins

I have often spoken out against the clamor for disabled people (and more specifically, autistic people) to get unilateral accomodations from “Society.”

Society doesn’t exist; people exist.

Aside from that very much non-trivial factual problem, there is a more explicitly value-laden problem too: why should disabled people or autistic people take, take, take, without making efforts on one’s own part?

If cultivation is really an abusive imposition, as AJWs (Autistic Justice Warriors) and DJWs (Autistic Justice Warriors) really claim, then why should accommodations be made on the other side either?

You can have bilateral accommodations, or you can have none at all.

You can’t have something unilateral, as Big Disability and Neurodiversity are demanding.

No more!

There may be something analogous here in relation to gender and sexuality.

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