The drive of all sin is selfishness.
James Massey

I would distinguish, however, between individuality (or as I would say, individualism), and egotism.

Traditionally, liberalism at its best has held up individual well-being as an inviolable norm. Arguably, this goes back to St Augustine, and even to the life of Jesus; if not further.

However, there has been a relatively recent perversion of individual liberty into ‘choice,’ which is one of my old hobbyhorses here on Medium (feel free to browse, if you like).

Individual liberty, properly understood, is an affirmation of one’s own freedom, while taking into consideration the freedom and wellbeing of others also.

Choice is completely contrary to this; it’s more about me, me, me.

Or as I myself am fond of saying:

I want doesn’t get; my rights doesn’t get; and my choice doesn’t get either.

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