I’m Going To England And France This Week To Ask Foreigners About Trump.
Allan Ishac

Important thing to mention that not everyone knows about.

If you go to Northern Ireland, don’t use the word ‘Brit’ to refer to British people (as some non-UK people do), or you will undoubtedly get shot.

Not that you would, but I have noticed a lot of very crass English speakers from outside the UK using this word, and they will be taking their life in their hands if they do it in Northern Ireland, rather than England; at least if they are in the company of the majority demographic, rather than the main minority one.

Just thought I’d mention it, because a lot of people don’t realize how sensitive the sovereignty matter is, and The Troubles.

People are very sensitive to these things, and understandably so; if you say ‘Brit,’ you will probably be killed.

But it’s quite easy to avoid saying that, so don’t worry about it.

Really just a quick heads-up, because things are still tense there.